Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean

April 2, 2010

in Cat Health

Even if you have a regular grooming routine you can give your dog a reduced likelihood of ear infection if you just spend a little more time working on his ears. Some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others, if you’re ever owned a dog who was susceptible to such infections you know how much trouble they can be, it’s best to pick up a good ear cleaner for this reason.

There are a few different infections, inner ear infection, middle ear infection, and out ear infection.

Infections of the outer ear are easy to recognize. You will notice that the outside of the ear has become inflamed. It might secrete an unpleasant smelling, waxy substance. In contrast, middle and inner ear infections are more serious and may necessitate a visit to the vet before it gets bad. Several factors, including bacterial infections, ear mites or allergic reactions can result in a dog developing an infection of the ear.

If you incorporate a good ear cleaning in your grooming routine your dog will get used to having his ears handled. Not only is it good to clean the ears, but this practice will make it much easier if you ever have to treat an ear infection with medications that are administered to the ears. By making a consistent point of cleaning your dog’s ears well during your regular grooming session you will assist your dog in keeping his ears infection free.

The cleaning process is easily accomplished by using some ear cleaner on a soft cloth. To clean, gently lift the ears and rub some ear cleaner into the ears. This should serve to loosen up any dirt which can then be wiped away with the cloth. Most of the time, the ears will be clean and should just be checked to make sure that there is no wax present on the outer surfaces.

Dogs with long floppy ears may suffer frequent infections as their ears are often closed and no air can circulate. The circulation of air is something that is very important in maintaining the health of a dog’s ears. Some breeds of dog have a lot of hair in their ears, another barrier to good circulation of air. When you do your regular grooming take a little time to deal with this hair to keep problems from developing later.

If you believe your dog is suffering and you have yet to go to the vet, you can do a bit of dog first aid by your own volition. Using Vitamin E Oil or even Cod Liver Oil, you are able to reduce ear infection pain through a few droplets into the dog’s ear. You can also clean the dogs ears out with white vinegar as well.

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