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September 21, 2009

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When a person comes the owner of a kitten, deciding on a name is one of the first responsibilities that they face. While some kitten owners relax and enjoy this process, many owners may feel somewhat stressed over deciding on a name.

Since the kitten will have the name for its entire life, the cat owner should be happy with the choice. A cat owner may want to browse a list of kitten names and meanings that is available on many websites on the Internet.

Many kitten names are based on the appearance of the kitten. There are several kitten name options that refer to the color of the cat’s fur. For example, black cats might be named Raven, Ebony, or Shadow. White cats might be names Snowflake.

The color of the cat may be used in a more abstract way to create a name for the kitten. Purity can be a kitten name that is associated with the color white. Dark or black cats may be named Hades or Goth.

The name chosen for a kitten may be a name from the place where the cat breed originated. Oriental or Siamese kittens may be given Chinese or Japanese names. Persian names may be used for Persian kittens. Many lists of kitten names and meanings also have the name origins.

The kitten’s personality may be used to choose a name. A brave or boisterous kitten may be named for this characteristic. Timid may be a name given to a shy kitten.

Kittens are often named after famous fictional cats such as Garfield, Tom, or Felix. Simba was a common kitten name when Disney’s Lion King was popular.

If the kitten owner has a favorite historical figure or author, the kitten owner may want to consider naming the cat after them. Amadeus, Beethoven, and Dante are some common pet names that are borrowed from historical figures. Since the kitten owner already has positive feelings about the names of favorite historical figures, the kitten owner is likely to continue to like this name choice.

Deciding on a name for the kitten does not have to happen immediately. The kitten owner may want to take a few days to consider different alternatives and observe the kitten’s personality.

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Jo Fairweather, cat owner April 11, 2011 at 2:23 am

I have a ragdoll kitten and I named her Ivy as she climbs anything and everything she sees! Ivy came to my home as my 11th birthday present and she comes when called, hence the rumor that a name ending in the “ee” sound encourages coming when called. That’s another way to name your cat-by the way they act.

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