Litter Box Problems And Cat Peeing In Its Food

August 23, 2009

in Cats

Cat spraying and urinating outside the litter box is a common problem for cat owners. Poor litter box habits can cause frustration for the cat owner and foul odor in the home.

Some causes of poor litter box training can be corrected by the cat owner. The cat owner must determine if the lack of litter box training is due to a medical condition that requires treatment from a veterinarian or if it is a behavioral problem that the cat owner can correct.

A dirty litter box is perhaps the most common cause of a cat urinating outside the litter box. Cleaning the litter box or replacing the letter is one of the first things that I can owner should try when correcting a litter box usage problem.

Another common issue is if the food dish for the cat is placed too close to litter box. Cats have a natural tendency to avoid urinating near their food.

Especially in houses with multiple cats, cats may either urinate or spray an area other than the litterbox due to their territorial instinct. If one cat sprays or urinates in a spot outside the litter box, it can encourage other cats in the household to do the same thing in that spot. If a cat sprays or urinates outside the litter box, the cat owner should thoroughly clean the area and remove odor that could attract the other cats.

Some litter box problems are due to urinary tract infections and other potentially serious medical conditions. If a cat strains while it urinates or if there is blood in the urine, the cat owner needs to seek veterinary care for the cat since these are common signs of urinary tract infections.

One unusual problem that some cat owners report is a cat peeing in its food. A cat peeing in its food is highly unusual and necessitates a trip to the veterinarian. Because cats have a natural tendency to guard the cleanliness of their food, the cause of a cat peeing its food is likely to be a medical problems such as a urinary tract infection.

The cat owner should consult the veterinarian if the cat owner has cleaned the litter box and made sure the cat food dishes are in a separate area and the cat urination outside the litter box continues. Even if the cat owner feels that this is a behavior problem, it is better to have the cat checked by the veterinarian to rule out a physical cause for this problem.

Cat owners should avoid punishing a cat while in the litter box or placing the cat in the litter box as a punishment for urinary urinating elsewhere. If the cat associates the litter box with punishment, the cat may avoid using the litter box because it feels it is about plays or that perhaps it is the reason behind the punishment. This can only make the problem worse.

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