Live A Long Happy Life – But Only If You Have A Pet!

August 23, 2009

in Cats

For thousands of years people have been looking for the ‘Fountain of Youth’. People will stop at nothing to find a way to live longer. Money is no option if a ‘break-through’ is found that can make us look younger and feel better. The health food and vitamine industry is an every growing billion dollar industry. Fueled by mans need to live longer and feel better people endleslly search for an ever elusive answer. But is the answer really elusive? NO! Studies continually show that owning a pet can extend a persons life and make them happier. This is especially true for older persons who need it the most.

The elderly seem to be most affected by pet ownership, although children love them the most. Having a cat that comes and jumps on your lap makes you feel needed, while the cat fulfills its need for attention. A pet can solve empty nest syndrome when children have grown and moved away, and it gives the owner a sense of purpose and keeps depressive thoughts away.

Owning a cat is good for your health. In spite of the annoyances that come along with pet ownership – the scratching of the furniture, the weekly litter box cleaning, and accidents you may have to clean up – studies have consistently shown lowered blood pressure and cholesterol. This is more true for cat owners than dog owners, although no explanation can be found. Pet owners are also more active, since they have to keep up with their animals needs. This provides a less sedentary lifestyle, leading to better health through physical activity.

The lifespan of the pet should be considered, since it is not unusual for them to live over fifteen years. Finding the right pet for you can depend on your tolerance and patience and there can be additional costs involved for their upkeep. Food, litter, and vet bills can add up quickly, but you have to consider the health benefits you may receive, which can often far offset the costs of rescuing a poor kitten or puppy from a shelter, however.

Now if a person is stressed out because he or she is always busy and on the run, you might think twice before adding to that lifestyle. After all, it would not be fair to obtain a pet and then not have time to give it the care and time they need. After all, owning an animal requires time and affection on both sides. Dogs are like children, they need constant attention, especially if they are an only dog. Dogs will often not eat when thier owner is not at home. So if you like long vacations and would not plan on bringing fido with you, could cause health problems for your pet. Cats on the other hand usually take such things much better. Needed less personal attention they can be a better choice for a buisier person.

Sometimes it’s not always the facts that make someone want a pet. Once your heart is ready to let an animal in, you will be able to experience the joy that comes from knowing you are loved. Visit a shelter and find the animal that pulls at your heart strings. You will be helping your health, and saving an animal from ultimate death. There’s not a better combination of life saving that you can do – saving two lives at once.

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