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August 29, 2010

in Cats

A very unfortunate situation for a family pet to have to endure is the skin condition commonly referred to as mange. The effects of this issue can be very dramatic and troubling for both pets and their owners. All pet owners should take a bit of time to become familiar with this common problem.

This issue is actually a contagious skin disease in which the cause is the infestation is microscopic, parasitic mites. The mites will begin digging into the epidermis of the animal to feed upon skin, hair follicles, and oil glands. The results of this infestation are usually very apparent, and a bit unsettling.

This problem is most commonly known to infest cats and dogs. However, they have the potential to infest other animals and even humans. Although they cannot survive on humans as a host, they can infect the skin and cause discomfort. Eventually, however, they should die off within a couple of weeks.

The symptoms of this skin infestation are usually very apparent and noticeable. The animal will begin developing itchy skin and will scratch at it regularly. This scratching often leads to sores or lesions. Soon, the hair will usually begin falling out in patches resulting in a dramatic change in physical appearance. The animal can become stressed, weak, and can experience weight loss. If gone untreated this issue can result in the death of the animal.

Although prevention is the best approach to the problem, the ease at which the parasite is spread makes this very difficult. The only real tactic is to simply try and keep your animals away from strays or other animals that may have a problem. Also important is ideal hygiene and a proper diet, which boost immunity, helping animals resist such an infection.

You will find numerous treatment options available. It is important, however, that you speak with a qualified veterinarian if it is possible. The vet can then address the severity of the specific case and recommend the best treatment options for your pet. These treatment options generally take the form of medicated dips and injections aimed at killing off the infection.

The skin disease known as mange is a very common issue for pet owners. It is very important, however, that you take the issue seriously and speak with a veterinarian. The issue can become very serious if gone untreated, so consult a vet to discuss the severity of the issue and the treatment options that will help prevent a worsening of the issue and prevent more problems for your pet.

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