Make Life Easier For Yourself When Taking Your Cat To The Vet

July 29, 2010

in Cats

Cats enjoy their independence and don’t generally enjoy being driven around in a car. The last thing they want is to be cooped up in a car with strange noises and bumps and jolts. Added to which, they end up at this clinical white place with unpleasant smells and an aura of fear, the VET. The reward for all this? Sharp needles and your mouth being forced open.

So we need to try and help the experience pass as easily as we can for our cats.

To begin with, cats need to be put into a basket. Most of us will fetch the basket out of storage shortly before we intend to go, this can mean the cat will start to associate the basket with the trip to the vet. You can help avoid this happening by bringing out the basket out at few days ahead of time and placing it somewhere where your cat will see it every day. As cats like to hide in small spaces, they sometimes actually see it as a place of sanctuary, and it can be quite difficult to get them out of it at the other end! Having a basket where you can take the complete top off, for easy access, is certainly useful in these cases.

Cats will show signs of stress in different ways, some will go quite and become reserved, others might yowl for the complete journey. It’s usually the fear of the unknown and the motion of the car can be the sensation that sets them off.

For this reason it’s important to secure the basket in the car with a seat belt, to avoid undue jolting, and keep movement to a minimum. Drive more considerately as well, be aware of junctions and roundabouts, so that you can anticipate them and negotiate them as smoothly as possible and avoid those sudden changes in direction. Fresh air is important too, so keep the car well ventilated.

There are cats that can suffer from travel sickness, in which case it’s best to get the right medication from your vet before you travel. Do not use human medicines. For very stressed cats, you can buy a spray called Feliway which has been proven to help keep cats calm in stressful situations. It can be used anywhere where your cat might get stressed, for example, cats living in homes with other cats, if you’ve had a lot of work done to the house or are thinking of going away on holiday, all are situations that may stress your cat and where this spray will help.

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