Making Sure Your Cat Is Entertained

November 5, 2010

in Cats

It isn’t always true that cats don’t need human attention and crave it. That’s not true for every cat. A bored cat can create just as much havoc around your home as an unsupervised toddler – maybe even more.

In fact, strange behavior in your cat is often a sign that he’s trying desperately to get you involved in his world. Is it really possible to entertain such a hyperactive animal? In order to find out the answer to this, it’s best to spend some quality time with your cat first.

Spending time isn’t the same as simply being in the same room – arriving home, getting on the computer and chatting on the phone. Your cat isn’t amused by watching you and may do some irritating things, like spin the paper off the toilet roll.

Your cat just might get adventurous and chew on your important notes for work or for school. Put away your work and clear a play space. When playing with your cat, stay on the floor at the same level as the cat.

When setting up your play session with your cat, bring two small toys with you. Start with a small rolling toy or hold a toy fish on a pole and dangle it for your cat to swat. Your cat may either enjoy the game and keep on playing or turn its back and look for more adventure. There are other toys you can try with your cat if the rolling toy and the fish didn’t work. Be careful to choose only toys suited for cats. A children’s toy is not a cat’s toy, no matter which way you look at it. Even if it’s Nemo himself from the movie, he’s not going to make a good toy for your cat. These are in fact dangerous toys for your cat as they might swallow small debris or mechanical parts.

If you’re hard-pressed for pet ideas, you can shop online or go to your nearby pet store – they both carry several kinds of moving toys your cat can run after. That’s a natural hunting behavior for your cat, so make sure he has a way to act on his urge conquer.

Once you have determined the kind of toy your cat prefers, get two of the same kind. If you’re a parent, you should be familiar with how you rotate your children’s toys – do the same with your cat. Segregate the toys that your cat uses for solo play from the cats it uses when the two of you play together. This makes your cat feel that the toys you play with together aren’t any other toys.

Playtime shouldn’t stop when you leave home – here are some toys your cat can play with while you’re away. For example, there are plastic balls that can be filled and refilled with cat treats. Your cat will be pleasantly surprised to see the treat hidden inside the ball.

That also satisfies his hunting instinct and provides a snack. If your cat is happier when busy, be sure you provide enough stimulation for playtime and most of all, enough time with you – his favorite playmate.

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