Malaseb Shampoo Should Be Part Of Your Pet’s Essentials

June 10, 2010

in Cat Health

Itchy, scratchy, flakes and heat spots, these are just some of the dermatological problems that our beloved pets can experience and surprisingly, even if they are very treatable, they are also the most commonly ignored. As pet owners, we have to be vigilant that our pets do not continue to suffer needlessly.

When your pet starts to scratch, most of the time you will think that it is a normal reaction. When your pet starts to scratch and continues to do so until the skin gets irritated, then you know that there is a problem somewhere. Most of the time, we dismiss dandruff as simply having dry skin, but not known to most pet owners is that dandruff can be a sign of a fungal infection and there is only one way to combat that: Malaseb shampoo.

Veterinarians and dermatologists both agree that what can affect human skin can and may also do the same to our pet’s skin. Like the dandruff, the fungi, and even the fleas to a certain degree. The same medications used to treat these conditions may differ in some ways, but basically they are the same. Malaseb shampoo contains miconazole and chlorhexidine gluconate which generally targets the roots fungal and gram negative bacteria found on the skin. The shampoo is specially formulated to be effective in areas that are usually difficult to treat: the areas which have a lot of hair (and we all know our pets have lots of hair).

Although most people are aware that the number one human antifungal medicine is miconazole, they are not aware that it also works very well with our pets. Malaseb shampoo has tested very well against fungi and staphylococcus bacteria that commonly attack the skin of our pets. Just like on us, our dogs would require twice daily applications for at least two weeks to a month, or two, until the fur starts to grow again.

We must remember that we, as pet owners, are the only ones capable of interpreting the needs of our pets. As they cannot speak, they will only show their masters through language that we only can understand. That is why it is best that not only should we love our pets, but we should learn what they are trying to communicate.

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