Mange Causes, Medical Treatment And Signs

August 1, 2010

in Cats

Mange is a skin disease that affects animals, that has many forms including sarcoptic and follicular mange. Both are caused by small mites that dig into the skin, sweat glands and hairs that causes skin irritation and the loss of hair.

Scabies or scab is also called sarcoptic, and creates a severe irritation that needs a repeated dip or spray of insecticides to kill the bugs. In these cases, a secondary bacterial infection on the skin is common due to the mites and antibiotics are required.

Also called acariasis, this is very contagious to other animals. The animals that are the most commonly affected are domestic cats and dogs as well as wild ones like livestock and wolves. However the most common cases are in dogs.

Canine or dog mange has two types called sarcoptic and demodectic. Red or demodectic occurs when there are too many mites and the body cannot fight off the effects of the bites. It is a severe case on its own. Sarcoptic is known also as scabies and is extremely contagious. This mite can attack humans and all other animals.

Signs and symptoms of mange include itching and crusting of the skin that becomes infected. Loss of patches of hair along with crusting around the ears and joints that spreads to other parts of the body are frequently seen due to scratching and biting.

Diagnosis is done by taking scrapings of dry skin from the body and looking at them microscopically for mite bugs. The diagnosis can be hard due to a dog biting the mites away from their skin, so they may not be present in the scrapings. General diagnosis is done based on the symptoms in most cases.

There are many treatments, and all must begin at home. The affected animal has to stay clear of other animals and their bedding, while the bedding is either cleaned or thrown away. Selamectin is a prescribed drip medication that is placed directly on the skin, and is commonly given. Sulfurated lime is also used, and is a rinse that is applied weekly to kill the insects. Ivermectin is not approved for dogs, but is commonly given by mouth for up to a month to kill the bugs.

You should always try to see a vet before trying to treat your animal for this disease. Some medicines work well with certain species and breeds, while giving it to others can cause serious harm and no good can come of it.

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