Mange Treatments To Aid An Afflicted Pet

February 25, 2010

in Cats

If you have a dog or cat that suffers from a case of Mange, calling your vet as quickly as possible to get Mange medicine is definitely in order. They can help you identify the best course of action to get relief for your pet and prevent any further suffering. Mange is also known as Cheyletiella, Scabies, Ear Mite infections or Red Mange.

There are many varieties of mites that adversely affect live stock, dogs and cats. Some of them even affect people and are a cause for concern. There are three mites that need to be checked by the vet since they may cause sever health issues for your pet and they are ear mites, Demodex mange mites and Sacoptic Mange mites.

One of the first symptoms that a dog with Scabies will present is a crusting of the skin on the ear. Intense irritation can be caused by the Notoedres Mite and Sarcoptic Mange can also affect humans. With all of the intense itching it is possible for the mites get transferred to humans and cause them to itch as well, however, the symptoms will disappear in a couple of weeks if the pet is disinfected.

It is important to treat these conditions as quickly as possible, as the discomfort can become quite severe. Seepage, scabs or boils may begin to appear as well as balding skin patches. If that happens, the vet will likely have to do a biopsy to check for other types of infections that may have developed.

Something that may aid in recovery from Mange is cortisone or some other type of steroid cream. Dandruff shampoos are helpful as well and can be used while giving your bet a bath. You can also ask your vet to recommend an insecticide that you can use.

The Demodex variation of the infection is not contagious, but you still want to get it checked out and treated as quickly as possible, because you run the risk of causing a secondary infection in your pet if you don’t. With Demodex, your pet will experience the same itching, irritation and discomfort as with the other types of Mange, so of course you want to relieve your pet from that in the fastest time.

Not all dogs and cats are affected by this mite but some of them are severely affected and this is caused by hormonal changes, suppressed immunity system or a genetic disorder. This disorder is seen mostly in pups going through hormonal changes and most animals recover from it without treatment.

Baths are excellent for treating and soothing a pet who is afflicted with Mange. You should also use any tonics or vitamins that you get recommendations about from your veterinarian. There are several vitamin choices that will help boost your pet’s immune system and make him less likely to suffer for too long.

Ear mites cause intense itching and discharge in the ear in dogs and cats. Cats are more sensitive to chemicals hence it’s important to consult the vet in how to safely treat the feline.

If you keep your pet healthy, clean with regular baths and administer various vitamins to boost their immunity then you should not have any severe problems with mites. Mange medicine includes homeopathy as well as allopath so consult the vet if you feel your pet is suffering from any kind of Mange disease.

If your dog has mange and needs a remedy or medicine to help, you should find a mange spray. There are tons of mange medicine that you can find on the Internet that could help.

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