My Review Of Online Grooming School

July 18, 2010

in Cats

Online Grooming School is an online video course that allows users to learn necessary pet grooming skills without having to visit an actual pet grooming school.

So, this sounds like a great idea in concept, especially if you simply aren’t able to visit a pet grooming school in person. But the important question that needs answering is: does it actually work?

Well, at first I was very skeptical that this course could deliver what it promised. Still, I purchased the course. The main reason for this was that I wanted to save money on dog grooming, and I knew it was something that I was capable of doing by myself.

Also, I knew that Online Grooming School was much less expensive than traditional grooming schools, and my closest bricks and mortar school was over one hundred miles away from my home. I have a very busy life and have young children, so I don’t have the time to travel so far to attend classes.

There was also one more reason why I decided to take the plunge and buy the course. Online Grooming School has a brilliant guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not 100% happy with the course, you simply ask for a refund, and your money will get returned to you in full. This means there’s absolutely no risk in investing in the program.

Did the course fulfil its promise? It certainly did! I was really pleased with the quality of the videos, and after awhile I really began to appreciate the benefits of video based training. These are videos that you can watch again and again, and you can also pause and rewind them if you missed something, or if you want to go over something again. This is something that really can’t be said of a classroom situation. Sure you can get an instructor to repeat something if you missed it, but you can’t go over and over the same point, especially not days or weeks later.

I first purchased Online Grooming School to learn how to groom my own pet dogs, but I soon realized that I loved pet grooming and saw it as an opportunity for me to start my own business. The timing was right for me to start a business, as my youngest child had just started school, and I wanted to earn extra income, but I also wanted to be able to fit my career around my kids’ schedules. It was really simple becoming professionally certified with the Online Grooming School program, and I was able to get heaps of practice, as friends, relatives and neighbors were only too happy to get their pets groomed for free.

So as far as it goes, I wholeheartedly recommend Online Grooming School for those who want to become pet groomers but who either can’t afford traditional classes, or who would rather learn from home.

Find out more at Pet Grooming School Info, and learn how you can start your own dog grooming business.

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