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August 5, 2010

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Almost everywhere in the US corn belt, the main cluster of insect pests are the corn rootworm beetles. One can find truly three species of these in Kentucky, the northern, western and southern parts of the country. While they each ruin corn in an identical manner, by nibbling on the roots of the developing plant, they have a lot of distinct dissimilarities in their biology and administration.

In the areas to our north, you can find a biotype or variant of the western corn rootworm. Along with this version, a major percentage of the adult populace departs the corn fields to feast upon the soybean leaves and to a smaller extent some other crops. They set their eggs in the ground at the bottom of the soybean plants as well. The effect is that when this soybean field is planned and planted to corn the following year, there might be a risk of western corn rootworm problem in the 1st year corn. The good thing is, we have not had any studies of this variant in Kentucky. Although the variant has distributed substantially to the east and northeast from the zones it was first reported, mobility southward continues to be gradual. In the instance that the soybean variant were to reach Kentucky, it would greatly influence the managing of corn rootworms.

The grown ups emerge in July and can destroy corn later on in the summer months. The grownups will nourish themselves on the upper area of the leaves, frequently focusing damage close to the leaf tips. Deterioration on leaves would seem brownish where the lower layer of the leaf is left out. The adults will feast upon the silks if they are actually present. If this comes about previous to the shedding of the pollens, they have the possibility to intervene with pollination if their amounts are superior.

Keep in mind, pest control suggestions in this journal are subscribed for implementation in Kentucky, USA solely! The utilization of a few goods may be illegal in your state or nation. You need to determine with your local county representative or regulating officer before utilizing any insecticide described in this article.

Take notice, insecticide ideas in this journal are registered for implementation in Kentucky, USA mainly! The utilization of numerous merchandise may not be legal in your area or nation. Remember to assess with your local county agent or regulatory officer before making use of any pest control described in this article.

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