Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs – More Beneficial than Commercial Treatment

January 15, 2010

in Cat Health

If your dog is tainted with fleas then you should know that there are better selections to the popular anti flea products that are obtainable in popular pet shops and grocery stores. These are natural flea repellent for dogs that are you can find in specialty pet stores and online herbal pet shops. A lot of people today are becoming mindful of the value of using herbal remedies to treat the different afflictions that are disturbing animals such as dogs.

Natural remedies are regarded as safer, not only to animals but more than that, to humans and likewise to the environment. With the current situation of the planet, we need to all contribute to helping create a better environment for the present and future generations to take pleasure in. One way to do this is to buy natural products that are gentle to the earth and won’t create devastation.

Natural flea repellent for dogs are composed with herbs and other offerings from mother nature that are impressive in repelling fleas. These are ingredients that are free from danger to humans and are genuinely pleasing to the smell but are offensive to pests such as fleas. Your dogs will also like a natural flea repellent for dogs as a result of the certainty that they do not embody stuff that can cause allergies and other skin sensitivity.

Some of the most common components based in these flea repellents incorporate lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus which are all pleasant smelling ingredients but are powerful in eliminating fleas and other parasites. Lavender for example is a very fragrant ingredient but it is a substance that fleas really hate. The same is accurate with eucalyptus.

Another purpose of utilizing a natural flea repellent for dogs is that they are best for the reason that they are designed to treat. This is as a result of holistic treatments promote the general health and wellness of pets and not only treat certain symptoms the way standard remedies do. Eucalyptus for instance is not only excellent as a flea repellent, it is also an effective anti-inflammatory that is effective in treating skin irritations.

The best reason though, to change from conventional flea repellents to natural treatments is for the fact that the latter is free from harm. Conventional treatments include chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that can be crude to the senses and can cause more harm than good before all else when used for a drawn out period of time.

So if you love your dog and if it’s health is meaningful to you then you should give it a natural flea repellent for dogs. Some people don’t realize that natural flea repellent are safer for your dog and work better than chemical based flea treatment. You can compare and choose at

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