Natural Pest Control: Won’t Affect Your Strawberries

July 31, 2010

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Prevent the use of Methyl Iodide for your Strawberries! Strawberries generally signify sweet taste and summer season, but unless we speak up, strawberry production in California could become better known for causing many forms of cancer, birth defects and miscarriages. California is thinking about permitting the utilization of a hugely poisonous chemical on strawberry fields. This impacts most of us, since 90% of U.S. strawberries are grown in California. Can you take action to avoid the use of methyl iodide for strawberries?

A panel of Nobel laureates and professional researchers called methyl iodide “one of the most toxic chemicals used in production,” however the State of California is thinking about letting it be sprayed and injected into the soil. California’s own report found that when methyl iodide is utilized, “management of human vulnerability would be tricky or even impossible” and might result in “significant negative impacts on public health,” such as cancer, miscarriages, and brain injury to fetuses and young children. It is necessary that people do something to avoid the approval of this harmful chemical. The outcome of California’s choice may cause an Environmental Protection Agency review of methyl iodide across the country.It is time to put our health and wellness and our children’s health ahead of the profits of the pesticide industry. They should be finding less dangerous, healthier ways to manufacture strawberries — not enabling more toxins into our bodies and our surroundings. Sign the request against the use of methyl iodide on our strawberries.

Not a lot of people know, retail produced strawberries are among the list of most contaminated fruits you can consume. Straweberries that are grown commercially are high in pesticides. Pesticides are one of many unnoticed risks in our commercial food program. What i’m saying is without doubt we all use non eco-friendly pesticides.

Most of us use them to eliminate those weeds which is generally used as remedies like the healing “weed” dandelion (God forbid if the masses recognized they were using a poison to kill their medicine and then when they get poisoned or unwell from consuming poison (pesticided crops) they acquire one more recommended poison (pharmaceutical drug) also known as so-called “medicine”. No doubt about it nevertheless pesticide sprays are dangerous! They have related to childhood cancer like breast and prostate cancer, leukemia, behavioral problems, brain tumors, autism, Parkinson’s disease, liver damage amd endocrine and hormone disruption.

As a result it could be ideal to acquire all strawberries and strawberry products (jam, syrup, etc) organically grown. Most people can get them frozen or fresh too. Strawberries are excellent for you, they are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Scientific studies have revealed that strawberries are also great for osteo-arthritis and help prevent cardiovascular system disease by cutting down C-reactive protein which is found to a beneficial indicator of heart disorder or its future advancement. Strawberries are absolutely an organic investment decision you should produce for your health! Thank you for reading through! Make sure to schedule a session with an expert today to obtain more good quality overall health and wellness facts from the sector’s very best.

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