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July 31, 2010

in Cat Health

As with us human beings, pets are just as prone of enduring a number of diseases and sicknesses as a result of a damaged and compromised immune system, a number of which are irreparable. Just to list a few, our pets are a lot more prone, and less likely to overcome and resist the following problems/sicknesses by a damaged immune system: * Parasites (e.g. mange) * Cancer & leukaemia (with cats) * Recurrent microbial infections & viruses * Fungal disorders * Slow wound recovery * Frequent injuries * Allergies * Respiratory inflammations * Diabetes * Aging dogs and cats * Repeated veterinarian visits for trivial problems

Exactly what the majority of pet owners don’t realize is that by feeding an all natural & holistic food for their dog or cat, they will actually be saving money over time. How, you ask, at $1.15 a pound? To begin with, we give much less food (20% to 40% less) since the food is all natural with no fillers and by-products. Take a moment to review the cost comparison chart among HealthyPetNet’s Life’s Abundance, Flint River Ranch and several other famous industrial pet foods by clicking here. Second, there are enormous cost savings to be made simply by not having all those veterinarian appointments and harmful medications to fix your pet’s allergies (the #1 reason pets are seen inside the vet’s clinic) and immune ailments (which can bring about chronic and serious conditions that require thorough treatment solution. Allergy symptoms include, but are not limited to, itchy skin and bodily eruptions, inflamed ears, abnormal licking of the front feet, digestive upsets (gurgling, gas plus a tendency toward diarrhea), inflammation of the toes and an irritated hind end (anus, sex organs) along with licking and dragging of the hind end on the floors.

Feeding all natural will reduce the mental and physical speed of premature aging in our pets, associated with a life of bad nutrition. Several degenerative diseases, such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, skin complications, bowel problems (such as Pancreatitis), and even diabetic issues have been discovered to either be hurried or slowed down very much by what’s eaten. Please keep in mind that by also providing a properly put-together home-made or raw food diet will provide these same benefits, and more!

Need I say anything else? Nowadays, what takes place when we domesticate animals and make them into house pets? Are you aware that they immediately acquire the same problems as their real human “owners”? People have to be creating the same slip-up with them that we have been making with ourselves. Pets, like humans, require the nutrients, amino acids and alternative nutritional requirements in the raw meat so that they can stay healthy and balanced.

Pertaining to a return to well being, pets require a diet program which firms the immunity process and most carefully resembles that which they would get in the outdoors. It’s really easy to try and do. In essence, you feed your family pet a blend of specific raw meats and select from a host of raw natural and organic greens.

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