Need an Alternative Pet Healing Solution?

September 30, 2009

in Cats

Various websites are available that create gorgeous cat and dog necklaces fashioned from semi-precious stones and crystals. The crystals used to make the dog necklaces act as a holistic and alternative healing solution for your “best friend” your pet!

Ancient Chinese and Egyptians knew that semi-precious stones and crystals provided health benefits to the people who wore them. Crystals are created by wind, fire and rain; the natural life forces of Earth. In ancient times, it was believed that the energy from the Earth was trapped inside the crystals, and bore great health benefits.

Websites have conducted extensive research on the healing and health properties of various crystals and semi-precious stones. By utilizing the stones that will best suit the needs of your pet, beautiful dog and cat necklaces can be created. Pet necklaces will help to calm your pet, relieve its stress, and will provide numerous other holistic pet healing solutions. The following is a list of some of the precious stones used to fashion the Pet jewellery:

Aventurine – Helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Aventurine – Helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Turquoise – Beneficial for the entire body, but the respiratory and immune systems in particular.

Aventurine – Helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Pearl – Ensures longevity and good general health. The mother of all stones!

Carnelian – Believed to help arthiritis.

Not only will your pet look sharp wearing its pet necklace made from healing stones, but it is believed that your beloved animal will be receiving alternative and holistic health benefits that those reputable crystals and gems have to offer.

The dog necklace packages are gorgeous! Relieves stress in your pet Customizable pet jewelry orders. Pet healing.. Helps prevent illness in your pets.

Pet necklaces made from healing stones are not only are said to have excellent healing properties, they are also extremely fashionable! Your pet will be stylin’ as it sports a necklace made of semi-precious stones and crystals!

Not only will your pet look terrific in it’s new jewellry, it will potentially reap all of the holistic benefits that semi-precious stones and crystals can provide!

Help your pet be the most fashionable and happiest pet on the block.

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