Non Toxic Mange Treatment For Pets : Know About Your Animal’s Well Being

March 19, 2010

in Cats

The worst thing for anyone, whether it be human or animal, is to become infected with an uncontrollable skin irritation. The itch is insufferable and the scratching causes secondary infections. So too does the mange mite cause untold misery for our pets. The solution would be to get a Non Toxic Mange Treatment for Pets as soon as possible.

There are two common mange types found on cats and dogs, namely demodex canis and sarcoptes scabiei canis. Although the secondary skin infections are the same, the way that infestation happens is different. Hence the product which will help clear up the mange is also different. There are many different names for the diseases, so let’s briefly discuss them.

You will find the red mange or demodex mites on dogs mainly, living naturally on hair follicles. Most animals will cope with a few mites on their skin, but it is when intolerance happens due to overpopulation or when an allergic reaction takes place in the animal, which will cause your dog or cat to scratch and loose it’s hair. Areas on the body where mange happens first is usually around the eyes, in the corners of the mouth, on the paws and forelimbs, coupled with a strong septic smell on the skin as well.

The other mange mite, sarcoptes scabiei canis or canine scabies, is also found naturally on the skin, but can be transmitted more prevalently. These mites will actually burrow into the skin to lay eggs. Extreme itch is the result with constant scratching until the skin is punctured. Infected ears and elbows are the first sign of scabies mange mites. You will also find this condition in severe cases where animals are not fed proper diets and become malnourished.

The other culprit is the canine scabies or sarcoptic mange. Our pets also suffer a lot if infestation happens because the mites actually burrow into the skin to feed and lay their eggs. Canine scabies is no joke for your pet because they will literally scratch all their hair off due to extreme itch. Elbows and ears are a good sign of infection. You will also find grossly malnourished animals who have mange and these pets usually become very sick.

Once you have bought the correct treatment solution, you can now apply it as directed. Also get non toxic creams which you can apply on the open wounds. If these are bad, then you would need to visit a vet and get him to give your pet a dose of antibiotics and immune booster to stop the infection from spreading.

There are of course products on the market which is toxic to animals be has been cleared to use like the product ivermectin. This is not the best solution however because it is said to reduce the immune system, which will not help our pets to fight back the infection naturally. So why do more harm than necessary in the first place.

You might have to treat your animal for a few weeks because it takes time to get the mites at bay and to have your animal’s hair grow back. The open wounds also need time to heal and one could opt for an antibiotic if the sores are extremely bad. A good immune booster will also assist your animal with recovery much faster.

While your animal is being treated, make sure that he does not come into contact with other members of the family just yet. Keep him away from your children and their bedding and ensure that his living area is clean. A Non Toxic Mange Treatment for Pets is thus the sensible thing to do for your four legged companion.

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