Non Toxic Mange Treatment

February 26, 2010

in Cats

It is wise to determine what kind of mange your pet has; demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange before you decide on a mange treatment. Another factor when deciding on a mange treatment depends on how severe your pets mange symptoms are. Beware… There are many mange home remedies on the internet, there are also traditional very toxic mange dips and oral medications such as ivermectin and there are also very effective topical non toxic mange treatments.

You want to find an effective and good Mange Treatment for Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange. Treating for both is basically a two step process. You treat the infection if it is present and your mange treatment needs to kill the mange mites that is causing your pet misery. Treating for mange is pretty easy if you know what to do.

Demodectic Mange is much harder to treat than Sarcoptic Mange because infection is usually present. Symptoms of infection consist of red inflammed skin and your pet has a foul smell. If it has a septic smell, chances are your pet has infection. Infection usually follows a mange mite infestation because the mange mites are burrowed deep into the hair follicles. The feces and body parts from the mites is what causes the infection.

Finding an effective Mange Treatment for Demodectic Mange is critical when your pet has infection going on. You want to stop the infection as quickly as possible because if bad enough, the infection could get into your pets blood stream and your pet would then have to be treated orally with antibiotics. Treating your pet topically has proven to be highly effective if treated with non toxic products and medicated body washes that primarily heals the skin.

You also want an effective mange treatment to kill the mites. Beware of toxic treatments or mange home remedies that tell you to dip your dog in toxic dips or oral toxic medications such as ivermectin. These toxic products reduces your pets immune system even more and make your pet sicker. So don’t make it worse for your pet… The mites are present in the first place because your pets immune system has already been compromised; your pet can’t fight off the mites.

Finding a mange treatment for Sarcoptic mange is pretty easy. The mange treatment usually lasts about 2 weeks, while treating mange for demodectic mange can last months. Understand that Demodectic Mange is inherited by your pets mother. This type of mange is an offset of your pets weak immune system and the mites burrow deep down into the hair follicle. This causes the mites feces and body parts to create an allergic reaction called inflammation.

The Mange treatment should continue several weeks after symptoms stop, and the skin has healed and/or hair has started to regrow. It is also suggested that you boost your pets immune system with a good immunity booster.

It is always recommended that you keep your pet that is infested with mange mites to keep them isolated from the other pets. Wash its bedding daily and never allow your pet to sleep with you; or you’ll be scratching too! Mange mites are highly contagious to other pets and your family too.

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