Good News For Cat Owners! Flush The Litter!

November 12, 2009

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No more picking up the litter and carrying it down to the nearest disposal unit! No more putting up with that very peculiar odor all day long! Just get yourself some flushable litter for your cat!

Flushable cat litter is laid in the litter box like ordinary litter. Whenever the cat uses the litter box, you can gather up the flushable litter and flush it down the hatch!

This type of litter is finer than the conventional clumping variety. It is costlier too, if you consider it pound for pound. But you really don’t have to use as much of it as the ordinary variety, and so the usage cost is pretty reasonable. Even if it is not locally available, you can always have it delivered to your doorstep, thanks to Internet shopping!

Environmentally speaking, the new product is as good or bad as the ordinary litter. One goes to a landfill; the other uses water and generates more sewage. If you are really interested in protecting the environment then you should choose the variety that can be composted once the dried stool is removed.

But what does Macavity have to say about this modernism? Most cats we interviewed had a pretty poor opinion of the new-fangled stuff! You will have to watch your cat’s reaction to the flushable litter for a week or two.

You can help your cat adjust to the new litter by mixing a little of the flushable litter with the ordinary litter. You won’t be able to flush the mixture, of course! Just dispose of it as usual. Keep increasing the amount of flushable litter gradually, day by day. When you reach 100% flushable litter, then you can dispose of it in the flush.

If your cat just refuses to use the flushable litter, then you’ll have to continue with the clumping clay and your treks down to the waste receptacle. If your mouser does adjust to the flushable litter then you’re in for an easy time.

The use of either type of litter has a similar impact on the environment. The flushable litter is very convenient and odor-free. Whether you use flushable litter or not depends solely on the cat. If the cat likes it then you are in for an odor-less and convenient experience. Did I hear a “Meow”?

Another way to avoid repeatedly cleaning up after your cat is to buy a self cleaning cat litter box. Go to www.CatLitterBoxesPlus to read about the many cat litter choices on the market. You’ll also discover the best way to remove cat odor should any accidents occur.

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