Organic Dog Shampoo

September 8, 2018

in Cat Health

Organic shampoos are great for your pets as well as for you. Just like humans, your pet can develop skin irritation and allergies. The source can be caused by dust mites, dry skin, bugs, however, the majority of the time skin irritation is caused by chemicals in pet shampoo. You will do you pet a favor by switching to organic dog shampoo.

Natural dog shampoos come in a variety of scents. All of the scents are derived from natural compounds. Many scents come from citrus fruits and you can also find natural scents from aloe vera, jasmine, coconut and other essential oils.

Even though the natural ingredients are better for your pet, sometimes the main ingredients in the shampoo will cause your pet to break out. This does not happen often, however rest be assured that the ingredients are not harmful to your dog or cat like regular pet shampoos.

There are many benefits of using organic dog shampoo for your pet. Using natural treatments are less harmful than their counter parts. All natural products tend to be much milder than traditional shampoos. The harsher the product is, the more chances that your dog’s skin will break out into a nasty rash. Treat your dog like you child, you would only want to give the best products to your child, right?

The positive aspect of using organic dog shampoo is that your dog’s skin will not be damaged by any of the harmful chemicals contained in regular shampoo. It is known that organic products contain much milder ingredients and are not as harsh as traditional shampoo. Your veterinarian can help you choose the best organic shampoo for your pet. Also, it is recommended that you test your dog’s skin for different types of food allergies. This is the best way to determine which organic shampoos are suitable for your pet.

Finally, make sure that the shampoo is approved and 100% certified by the USDA. Read the label to determine whether the bottle states USDA 100% organic. Using traditional dog shampoo is okay for your pet, but using organic dog shampoo is the best thing you could do for your dog.

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