Our Honest Review Of The Booda Clean Step Dome

July 22, 2010

in Cats

We recently bought a Booda clean step from Amazon for our cat, looking at the pictures we knew it was quite big but we were surprised when it arrived, the box it came in was enormous however when we took it out of the box we knew straight away what a great and fantastic cat box this is going to be.

We decided on the Booda clean step because my partner and I wanted to stop the cat throwing his mess all over the bathroom floor so we looked into the Booda Dome.

The Booda clean step is much bigger than normal cat litter boxes and is about 50% bigger so it will fit just about any cat.

The Booda Dome has a little ramp that the cat must walk through to get inside, on the way out the step helps to clean the paws, through the use of the ramp as it is textured and this helps in catching the litter.

The Booda features an innovative and excellent design that not only makes it look huge but also the cat can do is business in private and also you get an excellent stylish cat litter box that won’t put your home out of style.

Keeping your room clean and fresh is now possible with the clean step as it has a built in filtration that simply attaches to the roof and this helps eliminate 99% of the odors.

Price of the Booda Dome ranges from $27 all the way up to $33, this is quite pricey compared to most of the other cat boxes on the market. Yet having seen and purchased the dome I will be happy to pay again due to the quality, size and functionality. It really is a great cat box.

Although we have a scared little cat he was a little hesitant to go in it at first, but now he has got used to it he doesn’t have any problems and what’s even better is the fact that we don’t have to pickup his cat litter off the floor anymore. Whoop! Whoop!

Discover why everyone who sees the Booda Clean Step Litter Box otherwise known as the Booda Dome wants one. They really are that good. Visit http://boodacleanstep.com to see what the fuss is all about…

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