Owning Fluffy And Playful Ragdoll Kittens

October 27, 2010

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Those beautiful kittens with the blue eyes and distinctive coats are known as Ragdoll Kittens. They are one of the most striking cat breeds and known to have very unruffled temperaments, to be playful and to be affectionate. Their name is taken from them being limp and relaxed as soon as someone holds them.

History unfolds that there is a link between them being a mix of Siamese and Persian cats. That is why their nature is so floppy and inactive and why their characteristic traits are intelligence, gentleness and docility. There is even a myth that these felines are pain resistant.

These cats have large frames and when grown they weigh between eight and fifteen pounds for females and between twelve and twenty pounds for males. This makes them one of the largest domestic cats. In terms of their eyes, the color is most commonly blue or various shades of blue. Their coats are of medium length and they hardly shed their coats.

This breed is also found to be a very quiet cat that hardly meows and some even describe them as being more like dogs than actual cats. They are known to follow their owners around, offer greetings when their owners arrive home, sleep in bed and very friendly towards strangers.

The cats come in six colors. These are chocolate, seal, lilac and cream. What is amazing is that all kittens are born white and it is a mystery up to the age of two years before their full fur color is known. Some kittens develop a tortoise shell fur which is a mixture of colors. Their fur is not prone to matt. They have tuffs in their ears and between their toes. The hair along the ears, face and tail is darker than the rest of the fur.

At a glance they look like the Birman breed, but they have white chins and a larger frame so breeders can easily identify them from the shape of their heads and the bulkier frame, which is not the case of the Birman breed.

Cats are known to be independent and standoffish, but this breed is not. Although they are playful and alert, they are strictly indoor cats and have no fighting skills to fend from animals and any other threats. For a family who would love a doll like cat, Ragdoll Kittens will surely be irresistible.

Ragdoll Kittens

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