Protecting Your Canine Against Average Ailments

July 29, 2016

If you have a dog, you should at least have basic experience in diagnosing the most common ailments. Doing this will enable you to better care for your dog, and save it should it come down with an illness or a problem otherwise. In addition, it doesn’t take much to get the generalities down.

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Chihuahua Urinary Tract Infection

June 14, 2016

Urinary tract infection (UTI) in dogs has become common. This condition arises when bacteria gains access inside your dog?s body and overcomes its immune system. As a responsible dog owner, it is our responsibility to ensure that our dog is in top shape and free from health risks such as this.

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Puppy Name Considerations

May 24, 2016

Dont forget to keep your books, shoes and clothing out of harms way of a teething puppy. Crate the puppy when youre out of the house or confine him in a safe area with all his appropriate chew bones and toys.

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When Just Caring for Your Pets is Not Enough

May 21, 2016

Various scientific studies have shown that owning a pet has lots of health benefits. Some even suggest that having an animal as a pet can help us lead longer and healthier lives. While some people keep pets to show off or make a fashion statement taking care of an animal can bring you a healthier better life.

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Steps To Take When You Have Cat Urine On The Carpet

May 12, 2016

Getting cat urine out of the carpet is for some as pleasant as going to the dentist. Not only is it upsetting,but it smells bad too!

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