How Can I Find The Best Food For My Cat?

January 19, 2016

Thanks to mom I’ve adopted a healthy diet in my adult life. I always read the labels and I’m careful about not eating too many processed foods or artificial flavors and preservatives. I have a good understanding of what kinds of foods are healthy for me, but what is the best food for my cats? How can I be sure the food I’m buying my cats is healthy cat food? I tried looking at cat food labels, but I didn’t know exactly what I should be looking for the way I did with my own food.

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Have A Pet And A Camera? Don’t Miss These 6 Photo Contests

January 16, 2016

Most pet owners can’t resist taking pictures of their best friend, and let’s face it: animals are lot easier to shoot than people: they don’t complain about “making a funny face”, “looking fat” or “that stupid look”, and most require only a treat to pose for you. So get out the treat jar, camera and your furry special someone and have fun creating photos that will blow the competition away.

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What You Should Never Feed Your Cat -And You Probably Are!

January 13, 2016

Finding a good food for your kitty may take a bit of detective work. Discounting advertising slogans such as “Wholesome” and “Recommended by veterinarians” along with the deceptive, yet legal, labels that allow “meat” to be the number 1 ingredient even though it is far down the list.

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Puppy Name Considerations

January 10, 2016

Raising puppies, though often rewarding, can be a great deal of work. When it comes to raising little pups in your home, you should keep in mind that it is a lot of work. To get you going, though, here area few tips on how to raise a good puppy. Keep these in mind through the housebreaking and training and you should have a happy and healthy dog at the end of the road.

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Pet Tuxedos

January 1, 2016

The fact that many people throughout the country feel that their pets are “part of the family”, becomes quite obvious when they put them in clothes. Events such as Halloween, Christmas, and even weddings are times when people dress their dogs and cats.

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