Buying and selling pets online

July 8, 2015

Sellers will assume responsibility for extraordinary medical bills due to illness during the said three day period up to the full purchase price of the dog. In the event any life-altering or crippling congenital faults are found to be present in the above-described animal, on or before one year of age, the Seller agrees to replace said animal with one of equal quality. Seller warrants that the Kitten/Cat to be free of all virus ( FIV & FELV), but does not guarantee against internal or external parasites or ringworm once it has left the breeder s premises. If the FELV or FIP vaccination is given to this Kitten/Cat, all guarantees are null and void , as there is no proof that these vaccines are 100% safe.

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Homemade Kitten Food: Pros And Cons Of Using Homemade Kitten Food

June 5, 2015

To start we will discuss the negatives of using homemade kitten food and then go to positives of using homemade kitten food.

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Flea Control

May 30, 2015

Fleas are among one of the most well known and hated pests in the modern world. Like mice, rats and other pests, fleas can be carriers of disease and live from the stemma of their victims. Their bites are painful, causing a red mark that can swell, itch and rest for two weeks. They will attack humans, cats, dogs and birds, making them assorted predators that do not recognize between their prey. Once an infestation has occurred in your work or home, fleas can be very difficult to remove. As with many other pests, it is much easier to assert against an infestation than to rectify one once it has begun. You may need to resort to extremely toxic chemicals, such as those found in flea foggers, to take out the pests once they have begun to breed.

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Nutramax Dasuquin MSM: Arthritis Relief For Pets.

May 18, 2015

Dog arthritis is as much a problem for our canine friends as it is for humans, but thanks to Cosequin MSM, a solution is at hand.

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Flea Information

May 3, 2015

Cat fleas are the most common type of flea to infect homes. While their primary target is felines, the cat flea will also target dogs, as well as people. As such, these fleas should be killed upon discovery, as they can cause disease, as well as great discomfort to your animals. Cat fleas are small insects that are known to be excellent jumpers. They breed in the fur of cats and dogs, feeding and nesting on the host. This can cause discomfort, as well as promote the development of allergies in the host or in humans. These allergies can transform an irritating bite into a severe problem. While their primary target is cats, they will accept whatever meals that they can get, which makes them a dangerous pest to have in your home.

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