Parrot Care Is The Key To A Great Relationship Fun Health And A Long Life.

July 9, 2009

in Cat Health

Proper parrot care is not all it is cracked up to be. As well as being fun it takes a lot of time, energy, money and patience. For great rewards you also need to look after and care for your parrot.

You need to think hard about buying a parrot. Weigh it up as it does take a big commitment and a lot of dedication. Parrot can literally live as long as humans so if you really care for your parrot it will be truly rewarding. When you have decided to buy a baby parrot make sure you start with a reputable breeder.

Choose your parrot breeder well. Ask around, interview several and go to their aviaries to check out their parrots. The ones who really care will have happy, healthy parrots and you will see the level of relationship they have with their baby and adult parrots. It will be obvious and they will guide you in everything you need to know. This will help you avoid dodgy breeders.

If a baby parrot easily perches on your hand, or walks up your arm and takes food from your hand this is a good indicator that it was hand fed. Hand fed parrots are usually better adjusted. Also, when buying a baby parrot check out and verify its age by looking at the leg band for the hatching year.

The best parrot breeders raise their parrots by hand feeding them so they are happy, healthy, well adjusted loving birds. Obviously a hand fed parrot will command a higher price. Some breeders cut corners and do not hand feed their baby parrots, yet they might claim they have. You will notice the difference.

A reputable breeder loves parrots and will genuinely care for their baby parrots. You will find they will show you around, show you how they hand feed them and answer any of your questions so you can be best prepared.

Having a parrot will change your life. Exotic, beautiful, magnificent, intelligent, colorful. A parrot requires care and attention so it is a good idea to really know about parrot care as neglecting this leave you with a problem parrot.

As a member of your family your parrot will require effort on your part to learn how to train them and make them a part of the family without which you may find this could become difficult.

Putting your parrot in its cage when you get home from the parrot breeder is only the start as tempting as it may be to think otherwise. You need to handle your parrot correctly and spot signs of boredom, upset, irritability and stress. Otherwise you are in for a rough time. By learning this you will have many happy years together simply because you put in the hard work up front.

With proper care, diet and exercise you can expect your bird to live 20 to 30 years or more. The best way to safe guard their health is to get to know your parrot’s habits when it is healthy. Any deviation from these patterns should be cause for concern. Symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, discharge from nose or eyes, or diarrhea are serious symptoms and your bird needs immediate professional attention from an avian veterinarian.

Early detection and treatment is the key to your bird’s longevity. Attention is essential to parrot care.

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