Pedi Paws Review – The Pet Nail Trimmer

May 30, 2010

in Cats

You might have seen the TV commercials for a popular pet nail grinder called Pedi Paws in the recent past. The advertisement claims that the product is certainly better than all other products of the same type. Another great thing is that this product is cheaper than the others though it is also more efficient than them.

Does it Function Well?

The main question for a pet owner is – “does it work?” This article will examine review the Pedi Paws product highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. Pedi Paws might resemble some other advanced dog nail trimmers but it is more efficient than them. The manufacturers have taken a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the hole in which the nail is inserted and positioned. This can be changed and a few more holes can be added so that it works well with bigger dog breeds too. The nail dust gets clogged and can be cleared only at a later stage making it a bit annoying at times though it doesn’t make the carpet dirty. Also, something must be done to stop it from vibrating once mounted on large-sized nails, which also makes it stall and stop rotating at times.

Applicable for All Pets Irrespective of their Type and Size

Though this nail trimmer works slowly and a bit ineffectively on big breeds with large nails, such as bull mastiffs and rottweilers it is for sure better than its rivals in the market.

After some deeper research it can be understood that people who have been having a dog for a very long time wouldn’t find it difficult to use Pedi Paws but new owners might. Try to do it in a hurry and your pet might feel the same. But then again, the Pedi Paws is ideal for those with small and pocket breed dogs and the cats – owners who don’t want to apply the force in fear of hurting their little friends. Besides, the nail grinder takes away the fear of severing the vein under the cuticle. It takes away the chances of a messy nail clipping session.

No Risk Returns Policy

The final aspect of this product is its money-back policy. Why do companies provide such offers? Is it because the manufacturers are not confident of their produce? That is a bit true as the clipper isn’t really effective on large breeds. But the wise always finds a way out to put a thing into use effectively and it applies to the Pedi Paws nail trimmer as well; for larger and harder nails, use a regular nail clipper while adding the finishing touches with the Pedi Paws. This assures that your pet’s nails won’t be having any jagged edges that would cause the tearing of sofa covers and carpets.

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