Pet Charms and Healing Stones – A Holisitic Healing Solution

October 4, 2009

in Cats

The ancient Chinese and Egyptians were said to believe in the natural healing power of semi-precious stones and crystals. Crystals and other stones were believed to provide strong benefits to those who carried them. Stones are made from the natural power of the earth’s energy, and some still believe in their healing power.

Websites are now available on the net that use these stones and crystals as alternative healing solutions for your pet! These sites specialize in creating pet necklaces or pet charms from various healing stones and crystals.

These pet charms are made from different crystals and stones that are matched to meet the health requirements of your dog or cat. Digestive and respiratory problems might be helped by various crystals and stones.

You can calm your pet or provide some relief for your best friend by utilizing healing stones. If your dog or cat has issues with stress, depression, nerves, or other conditions, a pet charm or necklace made from healing stones might help.

Read the properties of some healing stones and crystals below:

Carnelian – Said to help with arthritis and lower back pain

Howlite – Believed to help with tissue and bone growth

Quartz – A general healer…

Rose Quartz – Believed to provide a calming presence

Tiger Eye – Believed to release tension and help with digestion

Remember that there is no substitute to a good veterinarian, but a pet charm made from healing stones might help comfort your pet and supplement the treatment prescribed by your vet.

If you need a different solution, or an alternative method to heal your pet, or if you just want your pet to look awesome, a pet charm made from beautiful crystals is an option. Pet charms made from healing stones might help your pet feel better, and it will definitely look great!

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