Pet Checks Are A Fantastic Gift For You & Friends & Family

March 5, 2013

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

One of the best things about life these days is that we have choice.

You have endless possibilities about where to go away for a break, and the slogan of our times is whatever you want, you can get.

Choice extends to credit cards. usually when you apply you can choose what design your card will have.

The same goes for checks – I bet you didn’t know that!

Maybe you are thinking, why would I bother to get checks with an illustration or cartoon on it?

Think about the smiles it would bring to the cashier as you pay your bills and the sweet smiles of your family and friends when give them a birthday cheque – it just makes life sweeter.

Imagine also if you have a business, how cool would it be to have checks with an image on which relates to the nature of your business.

Take pets for example, imagine if you had a pet store, a vet clinic, a grooming service or some other such pet-related business.

Imagine how thrilled your customers would be to see a cheque branded with an animal.

Even if you don’t own a business, it’s still a lovely customization to have in your life to have unusual checks.

Better still, certain sites such as The Styles Check Company showcase the work of eminent artists such as Gary Patterson.

There are loads of great dog and cat designs for aficionados of our canine and feline friends.

The homely, comforting sweet style of Patterson’s artwork depicts per scenes in a light hearted positive way.

Whether you like mischievous mutts or sophisticated felines, there’s a drawing for you.

Cats and dogs come together in his pet check collection, with funny and sweet scenarios played out in wonderful color and detail.

You have four designs to choose from and they are ideal for those who love both cats and dogs.

If cats and dogs are not your thing, but you would give your eye teeth for something with a dolphin on, don’t despair, the site has so many designs you are bound to find something.

The checks are available in single or duplicate format, feature hi tech security features to prevent fraud and are guaranteed to work at your bank.

What a great surprise these check designs would make as a special gift for someone you just know loves cats, dogs etc.

Imagine that every time they clap eyes on that illustration picked out by you, they feel fond memories.

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