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October 11, 2009

in Cats

There are a lot of great websites available that provide beautiful pet jewelery at affordable prices. Some websites are also combining holistic healing stones with their pet jewelery, providing an alternative healing solution if your pet is ill. Many believe that semi-precious stones and crystals possess the potential to heal.

The ancient Chinese & Egyptians are a great example of a society that believed in the power of crystals and precious stones. They thought that crystals and semi-precious stones brought longevity to life, and good health. Pet jewelery is now available that incorporates healing stones and crystals into bead work and lamp-work to create an awesome pet necklace.

There are many different types of crystals and semi-precious stones that possess a variety of healing properties. You can now have pet jewelry custom made that will match the exact health and healing needs of your pet. The following is a list of of the type of stones used to create cat and dog necklaces:

Agate ” Said to instill calm. Amethyst ” believed to help with sleep and relieve stress. It boosts the immune, respiratory, and digestive systems. Bloodstone ” Believed to help with detoxification, and help with melancholy. Flourite ” Said to decrease nerve related pain, and boost the immune system. Jasper ” Believed to energize the body! Quartz ” A powerful general healer that eliminates toxins in the body, Quartz is a cleansing stone.

Although there are amazing healing properties in semi-precious stones and crystals, it is still essential to seek and follow the advice of a veterinarian on a regular basis in order to keep your pet in tip-top shape. Always consult your vet if your dog is ill, but also keep in mind that pet jewelry can also be a strong alternative health solution to keeping your pet feeling and looking great!

There are a few websites out there dedicated to creating and selling custom made pet jewelry. You can do internet research and learn more about the healing properties of certain stones and crystals, and which would be most effective in aiding your pet.

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