Pet Medication Advice

May 21, 2010

in Cat Health

A pet that becomes ill will often need some form of medication. Pet medications today can be anything from simple antibiotics to antidepressants like Prozac. But the best meds won’t do any good unless you can get your pet to take them.

Getting your pet to take its medication is not always easy, and on this page we will give you some tips on administering meds to your pets. Also, as a bonus, we will provide you with a link to a 1800petmeds coupon code, which you can use to get free shipping and other discounts at a premier online pet medication store.

Not surprisingly, many pets are not cooperative when you try to give them medications. Perhaps the easiest way to get such pets to take their medication is by combining it with their food. If you can, use liquid medication instead of pills for this technique. So when you are talking to your vet, tell them you would prefer to have liquid medication that can be served with food.

The best food to mix with liquid medication is canned food. Make sure you serve the mixture to your pet when it is hungry. Many pets will not be aware that something is different, and eat up the food and medication without complaint. It’s also possible to mix medication in pill form with canned pet food. But for obvious reasons, this does not work as well as using liquid medication.

If the old trick of mixing medication into food does not work for you, you will need a dropper or syringe. To be able to place the dropper or syringe into the pet’s mouth, you will need to tilt its head. Use the dropper or syringe to then squeeze the medication slowly into the pet’s mouth.

Pet meds, while not as expensive as human medication, can still add up in cost. To save money, use a discount online pharmacy like 1800petmeds. A 1800petmeds coupon code will allow you to realize additional savings on everyday low prices. You will also be able to get free shipping deals by using a 1800petmeds coupon code.

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