Pet Owners Can Buy A Cat Friendly Litter Box

July 10, 2010

in Cats

Choosing the right litter box for a kitten or cat is an important step in encouraging adequate litter box use. Pet owners can influence how their cat uses the litter box by purchasing the correct box for their cat.

A leading consideration cat owners must consider when shopping for a litter box is the size. Too often, pet owners buy a litter box without first deciding on the height of the box. For a kitten, the height of the litter box may be a challenge in itself that requires the kitten to leap into the litter box. This may have an adverse effect when the cat owner is trying to train a kitten to use the litter box. In many cases, kitten owners are better off purchasing a litter pan which can better accommodate a small kitten.

With automatic litter boxes, cat owners are quickly sold on its ease of use and its ability to clean the box without much care. However, quite a few automatic litter boxes for cats use a rake system to scoop up clumped cat litter. These kinds of litter boxes may be extremely difficult to clean for cats that have loose stool. Automatic litter boxes also require the purchase of plastic disposable litter pans. Using clumping cat litter, these types of litter boxes are ideal for pet owners that prefer to clean the litter box once weekly under normal conditions.

A hooded or uncovered litter box are typically the least expensive litter boxes on the market. Litter boxes that do not have hoods can be entered from all sides, but cats usually shake their paws and get litter outside of the box. Hooded litter boxes will help to limit the amount of cat litter in the area around the box. Carbon inserts are also available for many hooded litter boxes which helps to limit the odor.

Cat litter tracking is a significant issue that pet owners face with their litter box. This occurs when a cat departs the litter box and carries cat litter outside of the box in their paws. In some situations, cats will shake their paws while still in the litter box and will throw the cat litter outside of the litter box. While there is no method to totally stop litter tracking, the use of a hooded litter box can help to limit the mess. In quite a few cases, a cat litter mat placed underneath the cat litter box will limit the spread of cat litter.

It is important to note that no individual cat litter box is proper for all cats. As kittens grow, they will eventually need a large cat litter box. In the same sense, as cats age into their senior years they can find it more difficult to step into litter boxes that have tall sides. By matching the proper litter box to each cat, cat owners are able to promote adequate litter box use while supplying a healthy environment for their cat.

The author has owned many pets over her life and knows that each cat litter box is not ideal for all cats. She is an animal welfare proponent which has assisted at her area animal shelter to care for abandoned and unwanted cats.

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