Pet Steps: Not Only Useful For Dogs, But Cats, Too!

July 30, 2009

in Cats

Cats are exquisite pets to own. Their play and relaxation times are a pleasure to watch, especially when you have cat furniture. Some people think that cats are relatively moody but for others who love cats, there is no better pet to have in the house.

Whether you have one cat or multiple cats as your pets, having some furniture for them to enjoy keeps them purring and happy all the time. Some cats enjoy beds to sleep in as this comforts them at night and keeps them cozy and warm. A favorite past-time for cat owners who have more than one cat are the cat towers or cat scratching furniture.

Cats can also benefit from cat steps in the home. Many people are under the impression that cats can land any way from a fall and not hurt themselves. This is a myth. The truth is that your cat can get hurt by jumping from a bed or couch to the floor just like a dog.

Cat steps let your pet get from one level to another safely and enjoyable. Cats often love to climb and these steps are the perfect solution to their love of moving up and down from high to low and back again. Adjustable height steps are an excellent solution for the kitten who is still growing.

Every year many cats are treated for injuries that result from falls which could have been prevented. There are many different retailers who offer pet stairs and other types of furniture for your cat. Whether you’re looking for a cat tunnel for friends to play in or other types of ways to pamper your pet, there are a variety of choices on the market.

Just make sure that your pet is safe when playing or using the steps by keeping toys free of debris and steps clear of obstacles that might cause them to stumble.

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