Pet Supplies You’ll Need for a New Kitten or Cat

May 5, 2018

in Cat Care

Adopting a pet is a big decision and a big commitment, but it’s also an enriching experience. Once you go through all the steps of deciding what type of pet is right for you, deciding when the time is right, and where to get your new pet you’re getting close, but there are still some things to consider or prepare.

A pet carrier will be one of the first supplies you’ll want to invest in. You’ll need to use it to bring your new kitty home. As tempting as it may be to hold her in your lap on the way home that can be dangerous, especially with cats. Cats that are loose in the car and nervous may circle the car and try to crawl under the seat by your feet. Also because cats may be nervous in the car there is the potential for a mess due to motion sickness or a nervous bladder, so you might want to put a towel or washable blanket in the pet carrier for comfort and to help absorb any messes.

It’s a good idea to set things up before bringing her home so she can start getting familiar with where her things will be. Things like food and water, food and water dishes, and of course the litter box. It’s best to keep the food and litter areas separate because some cats won’t go to the bathroom near where they eat.

If the kitty seems to be really nervous when you bring her home you might want to keep her in a quiet room until she starts getting used to her new surroundings. Keep her food, water and litter box in this room until she’s more comfortable and ready to be in the whole house. Spend plenty of time with her during this adjustment period.

You might want to talk to a veterinarian ahead of time to make sure you’re buying the right food for her needs. Depending on her age and health it may be better to feed her a specific diet. In general at least some moist or canned cat food is a good idea.

A few other items you may want to have ready for her are a bed, some toys and catnip. A bed will provide her with her own space. Sprinkling catnip in the bed can help get her to start using it. Toys are also important because they will help her get exercise and hopefully help keep her from playing with your home furnishings.

The other things you’ll want to invest in will be a pet collar and an id tag. You may want to do a little research before buying a pet collar. Because cats can get themselves into situations where they get their collar caught on something you may want to consider a breakaway or stretch cat collar for her safety.

It’s important to get a pet id tag for her collar as well. Remember she’s still trying to adjust to her new surroundings.

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