Pet Travel Suggestions Help Make Traveling With Your Cat Safe And Fun

July 2, 2010

in Cats

Some animals love to take a trip; other pets only get out of the home when they are required to visit the vet or possibly when you’re relocating to a new home. Regardless if you are taking a family trip, relocating across the nation or simply taking your pet to the veterinarian, most likely you will have to take a trip with your cat eventually. Making sure your pet is in good health and that you have the proper cat travel supplies will make vacationing with your pet fun and easy.

Be certain that your cat is healthy prior to deciding to plan a trip. Should you have a pet that is old, ill or pregnant, it might not end up being safe to allow them to travel. If you are in doubt, take your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup prior to departing on your trip. You should also be sure that your cat is current on all of her shots, including rabies shots. Along with your typical cat travel supplies (food, water, bed, cat carrier, etc.) you will need to present certificates showing current shots and vaccinations if you’re planning on traveling by air. If your cat isn’t accustomed to traveling, think about taking her on short outings prior to going on a long trip or relocating to a different state.

Getting proper identification for your family pet is critical when traveling. Dogs and cats may get separated from their owners when traveling by air, so it is critical to have updated tags on your pet or even a microchip to ensure that your pet can be identified and delivered to you in case you are separated. Microchip procedures are safe, quick and becoming more common as pet hospitals, shelters and kennels are using scanners to read microchips and help reunite pets with their families.

Pack additional supplies for your pet. Along with food and your pet’s preferred toys, here are some other important pet travel supplies for you to take on your trip: extra leashes and collars, an old blanket or sheet to set under your pet’s carrier for easy cleanup, your pet’s bed if she has one, a food and water dish set, extra treats, cat grooming supplies, extra litter and litter pans for cats, and also a first aid kit for pets. I highly recommend you take extra food for your pet in the event their favorite brand is not for sale where you are traveling to. If you have to change your pet’s food, do it slowly over several days rather than all at one time. Also, make sure to provide your pet fresh drinking water at every opportunity.

Lastly, be sure you use a durable pet carrier for your cat. If you are traveling by airplane, make certain your cat carrier satisfies the airline’s specifications. Generally you will need a sturdy (hard sided or durable plastic), adequately ventilated crate for your cat. It should be adequate size that will permit your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down in easily. Make certain the door to the cage is secure so your cat doesn’t get free from the carrier. It’s also smart to line the bottom of the cat carrier with a towel to keep your pet comfortable and to keep the carrier from leaking. And of course, be sure the carrier has both your pet’s name and your name, as well as contact details so you’re able to be reached in the event your cat becomes separated from you.

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