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January 1, 2016

in Cats

The fact that many people throughout the country feel that their pets are “part of the family”, becomes quite obvious when they put them in clothes. Events such as Halloween, Christmas, and even weddings are times when people dress their dogs and cats.

Although many costumes have been created for dogs and cats, the tuxedo still remains the most popular. Pet tuxedos help attendees accept the dog or cat in the ceremony, when otherwise they might not.

Cats in cat tuxedos are not depicted as often as dogs in tuxedos. However, their are enough tuxedos being created for cats that you will not have any problem finding one for your treasured cat.

The advantage of placing a tuxedo on your cat rather than your dog is that the cat is usually more gentle on items placed on him/her. Cats will usually allow the costume to stay on them once you pin it on.

The major disadvantage of placing a cat in a tuxedo is that the cat usually does not have as much mass. This makes the costume much smaller and less noticeable. Also the cats frame tends to be harder to physically put a tuxedo on compared to a dogs frame.

Dog tuxedos are commonly seen in weddings and award ceremonies. People love giving dogs human characteristics. You will see dogs in all sorts of costumes all year long. Many dog lovers even put bows and ribbons atop their dogs heads.

The dog looks great in a tuxedo because he/she can hold large tuxedos with great detail and style. This animal can even sustain a top hat if you have trained him/her to cooperate with a hat.

The disadvantage to the dog tuxedo is the fact that dogs tend to tear at foreign objects placed on them. You may find that your dog has ripped his/her tuxedo off well before you even begin your black tie affair.

Bookmark this page and read carefully over it before embarking on a pet tuxedo adventure. This will ensure that you know what are going to be involved in.

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