Pet Water Fountain: Facts About Cat Drinking Fountain

September 1, 2010

in Cats

Encouraging our cat to drink lots of water regularly will establish good health condition and minimize the risk of common medical ailments resulting from lack of drinking fluids. These include dehydration, forming kidney stones, and etc. The best way to do is to introduce to him the dog water fountain. Most cats as we all know are very active in nature; they love to chase small running targets when they see one.

The running water from a pet drinking fountain will effectively grab the interest of any curious cat that sees them. This will eliminate the dreaded task of teaching them on exactly how to use it but they will learn it on their own. Cat water fountains are best for small dog owners who are working and always travelling.

Based on the model you ordered and how big the water reservoir is, just simply load it up when you wake up in the morning and it will be enough to take good care of your pets the whole day or perhaps a few days until next refill. If you are planning to take a quick holiday vacation, say 2 or three days, you can pair it with an automatic cat feeder and fill it up just before leaving them. Finally you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your beloved pets. The cat water fountain will guarantee that they have refreshingly clear water continuously.

The drinking fountain works by distributing the water from the water reservoir using a small submersible pump. The water then moves through a set of water filters to isolate the water contaminants such as dirt and other harmful particles that come in contact with the water. It actually has a combo of two water filtration systems, a micron filter for foreign substances that are blended with the water and a charcoal filter to get rid of bad flavor and scent. What they have is a crystal clear healthy drinking water every time they want it. To be able to keep the proper functioning of the water fountain, the filters should be replaced regularly. These filters can be obtained in most pet stores or in the store where you bought the unit.

When selecting a good cat drinking fountain you must consider the following: One is the size of the unit, depending on the number of domestic pets you have in your house, choose one that have large enough water tank for all of them to avoid refilling it every now and then. Second is, you need to examine the water pump, most people who recently own a water fountain are complaining about loud noises coming from the pump. You need to ask a demonstration first and pay attention to the water pump, if it is vibrating too much or it creates a lot of noise then do not purchase it. When you buy a brand new product it usually come with a set of filters and sometimes you also get an extra filter for spare, free of charge. If it is not included it is highly recommended to purchase a spare filter for an instant replacement when the old one expires.

Maintaining the well being of our pet truly depend on us, our pets do not possess the ability to inform us what they want. They are only depending on us when we are going to give them the water they need. Oftentimes we are too busy and we ignore and neglect them, forcing them to find water on their own and who knows where. If you really love your pet, do them a favor and order a cat drinking fountain.

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