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May 24, 2010

in Cats

Following the recent controversial report on puppy mills anything to do with large pet stores is something that does call for concern.

So I want to clearly state here that this is a report on the Petland website and not a witch hunt.

So when I found out I was going to complete a review of Petland my initial thoughts were “ok let’s see what you got!”

Ok let’s get started.

Well I surfed over to the Petland on-line location

For me if I am looking at shopping or browsing for anything including a pet info site, several key areas really ought to be in place.

I actually have a dislike for klutzy, slow to load, websites that simply make the whole process too drawn out.

Let’s admit it, we shop on-line for speed and ease due to the mad speed of life that we confront in today’s world. So anything that becomes a chore is really painful, even more so when we might be going to spend hard earned dollars there as well.

First opinion… Excellent slick design. Quick load time. Fresh and clear layout. Not exactly cutting edge but very functional.

This is a reference and information site not a specific online store so it really does what it is supposed to really well.

Some great features too. Like:

Kids Korner. Great puzzles, games & Fun Facts!

Petcare information.

Store Locator for Petland’s 500 stores.

Adopt a Pet…….more of us should do this.

Another area I like to check out when I’m reporting on a site is I like to see what the company are about.

Do they have a concept or is it purely about diversification and “getting in” on the on-line market.

Ok, as you would expect, it’s not surprising that Petland do actually value what they do.

Yet another one to add to the good guy list.

In my recent experience I have found now that on-line shopping and/or reference websites and Petland are no exception, do have a sincerely different approach to customer relations compared to virtually all conventional stores.

A transaction is really only ever a mouse click away from driving away the client.

Here’s a few more special mentions at Petland.

These stories and more and a big reference to Adopt A Pet Day were available on the homepage:

WSAZ awards Hometown Hero to Petland owner

Petland offers responsible holiday gift giving advice

Petland opens new format store

Taking Holiday Portraits of your Pets

Petland promotes Winslow to Director of Animal Welfare Education

So enough about the online shopping concept, what about the functionality of the Petland site itself.

I found the website to be extremely easy to use. Maybe not totally perfect but what is? Unquestionably a smooth and easy browsing experience.

Love the whole Petcare atmosphere of the site. The vibe here is so animal friendly I think I’d give it a big thumbs up just based on that.

Another thing, I consider that in dealings with all reputable websites nowadays, the whole issue of credit card fraud is a non issue. Now I know this doesn’t apply to the Petland business model but it needs to be clearly stated that things have progressed in this area greatly.

You can shop with trust.

I’m not saying just hand over your details anytime anyone asks but with this level of online store and virtually all online shopping sites, the danger of credit card scam is pretty much zero.

Then my opinion on Petland:

Petland is a cool on-line site.

Shopper friendly

Terrific variety of pet information, features and more..

Simple to navigate, choose etc.

Overall evaluation is a BIG 10/10 of course.

Be sure to check out all the pet info at the Online Shopping SupaMall. Avoid an unsatisfactory online shopping experience. Online Shopping SupaMall at Crazy Sales Info Maria De Rota is a Senior Online Marketing Analyst.

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