Pets With Sparkle – Charms For Your Pet.

September 27, 2011

in Cats

by Rebecca Foxton

Some people think that dogs and cats are pretty enough as they are without any other adornment. Personally I feel that pets are a bit like people; some look great natural style others can look pretty fancy with a bit of sparkle.

Charms are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your pet a new look, and luckily there are loads on the market.

As a general rule these collar charms look good on smaller dogs especially of the lapdog variety.

Larger dogs look better with a wider collar, rather than a charm, plus with the boisterous nature of larger dogs, a charm can get broken quite easily, so stick to the small guys.

The first choice for charms would be Aria, who make glittery, fashionable charms for pets.

The Enamel Bone Charm is a cute little touch, which comes in three colors, pink, white and blue with rhinestone detail and fixes onto the collar easily. The charm is an inch long, so a perfect size for a little dog.

High rollers amongst the dog and act community might take a fancy to Aria’s Royal range with the jewel of them all, the Majestic Crown decorated with rhinestones.

The lobster claw clasp makes for easy fastening. This design would look especially cute on a pug.

Another fun design for dogs is the Pawprint Charm, measuring half an inch and in a choice of blue, white or pink sparkling stones. Ideal for males, they are suitably “non-girly”, as are the silver or brass Skull and Crossbones designs.

Everyone loves the heart shaped pendants – they always look so pretty on a sweet little dog, especially when it sparkles. At one inch long this cute little charm will set your pet’s face off to a tee.

Pet Studio is another supplier with a line in collar charms for your pet, such as the Crystal Crown charm. With flower designs, open heart designs and funky star designs, you will ahve more than enough to choose from.

With these varied designs to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your little friend and with the reasonable pricing you could start building up a little jewelry collection for your pet.

One of the most attractive classic shapes is the simple silver Open Heart charm, which is a dead ringer for the famous heart shape by Tiffany.

When would you have your pet wear a charm, you may ask; well, the list is endless, parties, shows, photo shoots, you name it, a charm could work its magic. They distinguish your pet from the others and add a bit of character.

All the charms featured in this article should be available for cats too so check them out.

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