Pine Away Your Cat’s Litter

July 15, 2009

in Cats

There are a number of products on the shelves which cater to the pet cat population. One very popular product is the ‘cat litter’ product, or simply cat litter. It is a material that is placed inside a litter box to catch the pet cat’s droppings. The material prevents the box from getting soiled by absorbing the urine and trapping the solid dropping. The cat litter is very similar to ordinary dirt, to take advantage of the cat’s natural predilection to cover up its droppings. The cat owner removes and refreshes the cat litter from the box every day. The used litter is disposed off in the garbage. There is just one problem – as long as the box is inside the house, there is a terrible stench that pervades the house! The odor goes only when the cat litter goes. This is a serious sore point with cat owners. Now a very enterprising producer has come up with a novel idea – pine cat litter! His litter is made up of pine pellets. The natural odor of pine masks the smell of the cat’s droppings remarkably well.

The shelf price of this new variety of cat litter is twice that of traditional varieties of cat litter. But the new product proves to be cost effective since it absorbs twice the amount of moisture compared to the ordinary variety. So there is really no increase in your monthly expenditure on this account.

The pine cat litter is facing a severe acceptance problem – from Mr. Tibbs himself! Most cats find the pellets strange and unnatural. The pellets are not as easy on the cat’s feet as the other litters are. So cats shy away from using the pine pellet litter.

The work-around for this particular problem is to get the cat using the pine pellets gradually. In the beginning put in a handful of pine litter and make up the usual quantity with the normal stuff. Gradually increase the amount of pine litter and correspondingly reduce the amount of normal litter. Finally you’ll be using all pine litter. If your cat still does not go for it then that’s that! You’ll have to put with the odor. Better that than have your cat not use the box at all!

If the odor from the cat’s litter is driving you round the bend, and you’ve made up your mind to use pine cat litter, then do what many other owners are doing. Fill the litter box with pine cat litter, and then put down a surface layer of your cat’s favorite litter. This way, your cat is satisfied and so are you!

Another area of concern is that the cats are sometimes put off by the piney smell of the litter! Strange how the cat can put up with the odor of its mess but wrinkles up its nose at pine! If this is the case with your cat then you’ll have to put up with the high stench of the cat’s litter anyway. Just for your information: the pine litter is fully detoxified and so it is safe for the cat to use.

There is an environmental advantage in using pine cat litter. It can be composted once the cat’s solid waste is removed. The composted litter can be put to use as manure for gardens, instead of adding to the ever-growing landfill of garbage.

The ball really is in your cat’s court… depending on whether it likes the pine litter or not! If it does, then you’re looking at a home that’s free from that very distinct odor, that too at negligible cost. If not, then you’d better get a nose mask while you replenish the litter box with the litter that Mr.Tibbs favors!

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