Popular Pet Identification Methods

April 22, 2009

in Cats

These days it is required to provide identification tags for your pets. While this helps municipalities reduce the number of stray animals in the streets, tags are also important to help you find a lost pet. Here are several methods to make sure that your pet can be identified if lost or stolen.

Personalized pet id tags are the most popular method of identifying pets. A good tag should include include your pet’s name, and your phone number at minimum, in case your pet becomes lost. In addition, it’s helpful to include your address, any medical problem requiring medication, your veterinarian’s name and number, and current rabies vaccination information. If your dog or cat becomes lost, this information is necessary to help someone get your pet back to you.

Pet ID tags are usually plastic or metal, and come in many shapes and colors. However, choose a reflective pet tag and collar. These reflective items help to keep your pets safe in the dark.

Some people tatoo their pets as an alternative identification option. This has been used quit a lot for dogs. You have a number tatooed on your pet. Then, you register that number with a national pet registry. In the event your pet become lost, the registry provides 24/7 service to help identify your pet.

These days there are electronic gadgets like microchips which are embedded under your pet’s skin, or GPS pet collars. Electronic chips are implanted behind your pet’s ear, and once implanted, the data on the chip is available to be scanned into the computer.

One of the newest devices to protect your pets, is the GPS (geo-positioning system) pet finder. This one is simple and painless. You simply attach the GPS device to your pet’s collar, and if he/she is lost you can track with the GPS. It is definitely worth it to have a device that offers more security for your pet.

Whether you prefer the low-tech pet ID tag, or the high-tech GPS device, just make sure that your pet can be properly identified if lost.

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