Potty Train Your Dog in a Few Easy Steps

February 22, 2010

in Cats

Bringing home a puppy for the very first time is a thrilling experience. You anticipate that this pet will provide a satisfying addition to your household. But beyond the excitement in having a pet of your own are the possible complications that go with it. One very important aspect of this is the possibility that your new pet would create disturbance, not only on your routine but also in your house as well.

But you know that there is one very good answer for this, dog training. Teaching your pet impeccable manners and good behavior has many dimensions. It also involves different actions and reactions that you want your dog to acquire. One of your priorities is to potty train your dog.

Potty training is not as daunting and stressful as you probably perceive it to be. There are even plenty of dog owners who opted to do their dog’s training on their own. There could be a number of methods you could utilize for this and most of them are probably as effective as the other. But the basic idea is the same, teaching your willing student the concept of right and wrong.

In potty training your dog, you must start as soon as possible. Delaying the training might make it harder for you when you get around to doing it. This is because your dog has started to form habits of its own. In potty training or in any other training, consistency is the key as it is the foundation of the habit.

First step you must take is to choose an area for this training. It is advisable that the floor of this chosen area is easy to clean as the training could involve regular clean up if your dog misses the mark. Get plenty of newspapers or even cardboard and lay them all down in your designated area. Each time you notice that its bathroom time for your pet, steer it towards this paper heap.

Make sure that you praise your dog during while it is doing its thing on top of the pile of papers. Do not delay it as your pet might not be able to connect the act with the praise. When you clean up the newspapers, always leave a slightly soiled sheet on top. This will provide a connection of your chosen spot with the required act.

As your dog slowly learn that this is the only spot for a bathroom, slowly shrink the size of the coverage area. If it misses the mark and messes the uncovered area, expand your newspaper cover again. Repeat with shrinking the spot in a gradual manner until your dog perfects the bathroom concept.

When you only allot a space as big as your dog’s mess, you can now move with the next step in your training. Either you could buy an indoor toilet for this purpose or you could move the bathroom to the door ready for house training your pet. Now you can rest knowing that your dog was able to learn that there’s only a specific place to use as bathroom.

Always remember though the one important rule in dog training is the proper formation of your pet’s habit. This entails time and endless duplication of the required action to achieve the desired outcome. Yet your patience and determination will be properly rewarded as you could enjoy your pet without the unpleasant mess.

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