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November 23, 2009

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When considering adding a new dog to the home, there are many factors to think about. When making this new addition, make sure to prepare for proper training and have the right tools on hand to make the transition easier for the puppy and yourself. While it’s possible to train a dog yourself, for those without experience in dog ownership a dog training course with your puppy will be well worth the investment.

If you hear stories of other dog owners who have failed, don’t lose heart. Whether you have owned a dog that has run your house, or simply want to avoid it, dog training school is a necessity. Dogs don’t misbehave because they are not good, but lack of training can result in poor behaviors. By sending your dog through a training program, you are doing your part to ensure a happy relationship.

So, why choose a dog training school versus doing it yourself?

Pet owners tend to get caught in a power struggle with the dog. Dog training includes learning the right body language and tone of voice, as well as a reward system for your dog that still leaves you in control. Owning a dog is like having a child, and sometimes some outside advice can be a lifesaver.

Dog obedience school will provide both puppies and grown dogs the chance to socialize with other canines. Learning to interact with other dogs properly is important when taking your dog out for a walk. Going through a course will also introduce the owner to other owners for the opportunity to develop friendships, and possibly even find a playgroup for your dog.

Dog owners that participate in a class with a formal setting will be taught commands in the premium environment. The instructor will be able to teach the owner to speak so the dog understands, and will be able to model body language needed to get results from your dog. There are tips that while simple, are often not well known to the general public. An instructor will be able to watch you work with your dog and to modify things that need work.

When working in a class setting, your dog will have the advantage of learning with distractions. This is an advantage, since once the dog goes home where there are not the distractions, the skill set should transfer easily. This works better than adding distractions after a skill is learned, where the distraction will actually make the dog forgetful.

By enrolling your dog in a dog training program, you are on the way to a long, satisfying friendship. A well trained dog will ultimately be more secure, well behaved and confident. Being able to trust his owner will give consistent results in behavior. Dogs will also be more predictable around visitors and children when the owner is in charge.

A well trained dog will give you the full benefits of dog ownership. Not only will you have a faithful companion, but there are other benefits of dog ownership you may not have thought of. Lower instances of illness, an exercise partner, and a conversation piece for social interaction are a few. Dog ownership is a delight for the owner and the dog.

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