Proper Discipline When Caring For Cats

September 5, 2010

in Cats

Cats are curious creatures and they’re bound to get in trouble every now and then. But does punishing cats have a positive or negative effect on the way a cat acts around you? The last thing you want is for your cat to be afraid of you and run away every time you’re around.

If you have just witnessed your cat in an aggressive state, fear may be the first thought that enters into your mind. Many cat owners have questions when they witness their cats attack. Many owners want to know if something is wrong with their cat or if it is a danger to those around him or her. In all honesty, you will find it depends. Before deciding if you should contact your cat’s veterinarian, there are a number of important points you will first want to take into consideration.

So, what does work? I have two cats and at one point both would spray to mark their territory. My vet suggested I use a water pistol to make them stop. It’s the belief of many veterinary professionals that the cats would associate the water pistol with bad behavior and they wouldn’t do it anymore. Did it work? Briefly, but for the most part the cats just feared me and, as I said before, this is never the outcome we want. Plus they would just spray when I wasn’t around.

After trying a few different methods of punishing cats and other techniques that failed I finally had some success. I tried paying attention to them more and if they either attempted to spray I would just call them over (or go over to them) and pet them, play with them etc. The spraying happened less and less and eventually stopped.

Figuring out what works when thinking about how to discipline cats will be by trial and error. There is no universal method of discipline but there is always something that will work for you and your cat.

Our animals rely on us to care for them and understanding them is key when caring for cats. Obtain tips and info on doing so at the caring for cats website!

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