Ways For Keeping Your Home Pets Cozy During Wintertime

March 15, 2010

in Cats

If you have pets that live outside, there are a few things you have to do to ensure that they get through the cold winters. Drinks are vital to your pet and to make sure they don’t freeze, a heated bowl which works according to the temperature is ideal.

If our feet are cold in the house what do we do? Put on slippers or socks obviously, what can our poor dogs do though? Absolutely nothing, so we have to do it for them. A kennel raised above the ground is a good idea, alternatively give them something to sleep on that is elevated above the cold floor.

Some dog owners dress their dogs up in ridiculous outfits to match their own, but in the winter months even the owners who treat this practice with disdain appreciate that jackets and sweater serve a purpose.

There are 5 sizes of dogs clothes, so the chances are there will be a size to fit your pet. The ones today can go through you washing machine just like our clothes.

So the winter clothing will keep them warm, but health supplements are recommended to keep their joints oiled, so to speak. All houses suffer from drafts, and as your dog is on the ground they will be affected more by them than we would. A lighter, house sweater will protect your pet. You can also get goggles to keep snow, grit etc out of their eyes when they go for walks.

Our cats need some special care during the winter months too. As they have very little body fat they feel the cold more than dogs. A cat bed that is shaped like a cave will keep them warm and cozy in the coldest weather.

We all know that carpets warm up floors, but more and more of us are rejecting carpets in favour or wooden or laminate floors, which are incredibly cold in the winter. So that your pet isn’t uncomfortable lying on the floor, get them a heated mat designed for pets, or even a rug. This also stops them from jumping onto your soft furnishings for comfort.

The worst thing that you can possibly do is leave your pet outside so that it’s exposed to the elements. Frostbite is nasty at any time, but can be extremely painful for dogs. It’s attacks their tail, feet and ears so make sure they have good shelter.

If you own cats, see the ways that a magnetic cat door or Petsafe cat door might be a great addition as well.

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