Properly Training Kittens

February 25, 2010

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For people that own kittens, they should already know about their fluffiness and the adorable look that they can give them. However, they should not forget that these kittens also need to go through training. Training a small kitten can be a bit hard, but it is only as hard as you make it. When it comes time to training the kitten, you should teach them everything from using the litter box to not scratching the couch. Pay close attention to this article on training kittens because if you have a kitten, you need to train them.

While you are instilling discipline to your cat, you must avoid using tough punishments. No matter what you do, you should not ‘spank’ the cat simply because he or she did not do something that you ordered. You should utilize positive actions and avoid negative ones as you are training your kitten.

When you use negative actions such as yelling at your cat, or hitting your cat, you will find that this type of “punishment” generally is not acknowledged by him or her. These pets are known for taking these adverse actions and associating them with you and not with the bad behavior. As a result of this, the relationship between you and this pet will more than likely be strained.

Training your kitten when they are still little can make training them a lot easier than waiting until they are a full grown cat. This is because they are not set in their ways when they are still a kitten. They are merely in the new stage so this makes them easy to train. The training will be more open, because when you are young all you want to do is learn.

When you bring your kitten home, the first thing you must do is show him where he or she needs to do their business. To find the best place for the kitten to potty is to find the place that she can remember and get to as easily as possible. You should also make sure you use some good litter and a great litter box. On a side note, always keep that area clean. Kittens automatically know what to do when it comes to using the litter box. That’s a natural instinct that they learn when they are young. Using the right type of litter for the kitten can be important for the kittens’ health when he or she gets older.

Cats have a habit of becoming destructive and overly active when they are bored. This is why playing with them each and everyday can be very important. Cats that are neglected will stop using their litter box. You should play with them regularly and show them attention. Litter box problems can sometimes go away overnight.

When the kitten does just what you want them to do, then you should give them rewards. The reward could be something as little as petting them and whispering to them. You could even give them a cat treat. There are many cat treats that you will be able to buy in the store, but you should make sure you get the ones that are the healthiest.

In order to make that cat learn everything the right way, you will need to catch your cat when they are in the act. Cats do not like water. So one way to make cats see that something is bad behavior would be to use a spray bottle and squirt just a tiny amount of water at them. Another method you could use is a whistle or something that makes a loud noise because cats do not like noises that are loud.

Apart from training, you should spend time with your kitten each day and show her the love and attention that she wants. The right tone of voice directed towards the kitten can get him or her to listen, like a whisper to tell them that they are doing something wrong. Yelling at them results in getting them skirmish and that is not the right way to go when you are training your kitten.

Congratulations on your kitten and make sure you take care of him or her. Kitten training is not something that is hard to do. If you love animals, then you will enjoy training them. If you have not gotten a kitten yet, then you should make sure you are fully ready to get one. There are hundreds, thousands and even millions of cats that wind up neglected and put in animal shelters only because people found they were not able to care for their cats. They found that the cats were a nuisance or they simply lost all interest in them.

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