Protection As A Concern When Dog Training

August 8, 2010

in Cat Health

Ensuring your safety as a trainer, should be your main priority while you are training your dog. During training, a guard dog is normally trained to attack intruders and is therefore trained in a way that will require absolute control from the trainer. He should control the dog’s aggression.

The idea behind training a dog to be a guard dog is by arousing its aggression and after a period getting it to back down. It is about listening to commands and reading situations. Therefore, to be able to do this, the trainer will have to put his safety on the line. He is the target.

A trainer should be cautious about the dog that can bite at any moment. The sharp nails can also tare through one’s skin like razor blades. Overall, the trainer has to cope with these roller coaster rides of aggression and calm.

When handling a dog, you will always realize that you will get many unwanted scratches due to the dog’s nails. A dog will always keep jumping at and mounting a target so as to reach the arms. This is why it is a plus if the trainer has scratch pants which will protect him from having his upper thighs being scratched silly.

For them to function well the scratch pants are normally made of a thick material and these will act as protective layers against scratches.

Sometimes, a dog will continue going at you even if you fall. This aggression level for a dog calls for the trainer to at least have scratch pants.

The good thing with a trainer being safe throughout the training session is that the training program does not have to be halted periodically for no good reason. This acts as a great boost.

If you plan to do the training personally, you should get some protection. You should also monitor your dogs progress and seek professional help if you feel that your dog’s aggression is unwarranted.

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