Proven Tips To Stop Your Cat from Waking You up

April 11, 2010

in Cats

If your cat is waking you up at night, realize that you are not alone, and that this is a very common problem.

While you may really love having a new kitten around, sometimes it can test our patience because we simply want to get a full and restful night of sleep.

Cats are most active at dusk and dawn due to evolution. These are the prime hunting times and thus they are most active at these times of days.

While this may have worked great for felines in the past, today’s felines have to live in a house with us.

So what are pet owners to do to solve this problem?

Here are three tips to help you get a better night’s sleep and to hopefully prevent your cat from waking you up.

First of all, you should try and change you cat’s sleeping schedule. Instead of letting your cat sleep in the evening while you’re watching TV, you should try and keep them a lot more active at night. This means they will sleep later in the morning which is great for you.

Second of all, many cats continue to wake their owners up early in the morning because they are unknowingly reinforcing this behavior. Many cats will continue to do this if they know that they will be fed earlier and even petted for this behavior. In order to quickly end this behavior you cannot give them any positive reinforcement.

Lastly, some people resort to putting their cat in a separate room at night. This can work, but you have to realize that this is usually almost always a phase they go through and get over.

So if you do find that your cat is waking you up at night try some of these tips. Remember to have hope, because this is a very common phase that almost all cats go through, but eventually they will get over it.

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