Puppy Name Considerations

May 24, 2016

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Dont forget to keep your books, shoes and clothing out of harms way of a teething puppy. Crate the puppy when youre out of the house or confine him in a safe area with all his appropriate chew bones and toys.

Prepare a piece of cloth for the puppy to lie down to make it feel comfortable. Puppies can be very mischievous and they will jump into anything, so ensure that any hazardous items such as wires, rocks and unsafe things are not place anywhere in the house.

These two weeks you see the fat little rolly polly wiggle worm turn into a little crawling dynamo, eyes are closed and mom is providing for all of his needs. He is only aware of jockeying with his siblings for food and the comfort of his mother.

The following items should be purchased and set up prior to the puppy’s or puppies’ arrival: Stainless steel or rigid plastic non-tip food and water bowls,Crate of the appropriate size,Soft, washable bedding for inside the crate,Variety of chew toys and play toys,Leash or lead and collar of the appropriate size, Food that is the same as the puppy or puppies are currently being fed (same brand, flavor, etc)

This time is critical for the little guy as he learns how to perceive signals from mom and his litter mates. Such things as to not bite hard, how to wrestle, physical coordination development and how to be a dog are taught during this time frame.

Having these dogs in a prison setting has provided benefits for the prison atmosphere, too. They seem to bring out the best in the inmates and their very presence diffuses tension.

The inmates selected to raise the puppies are distracted from missing the “outside” and get unconditional love… not what you’d typically find in a correctional facility. The puppies also benefit as they truly get undivided attention and affection. A real win-win situation.

There are approximately five puppy developmental stages that your puppy will experience and several that will affect you and your family. It is important to realize that the first few weeks of a puppy’s life are very important for a long term healthy and well adjusted dog who will be part of your family. The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are critical for his healthy development.

Pictures also need to be well kept after they have been printed. Since most pictures would stick with each other, you have to keep a thin piece of paper between them to avoid ruining your cute puppy photos.

My daughter was awestruck. The mother recovered and the shock eased. The lovely puppies, watched us. The 12 month old kid who we fed and bathed, and then the crying, but that came from a perfectly healthy baby being born, and all this happening in the house with us.

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