Puppy Name Considerations

January 10, 2016

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Raising puppies, though often rewarding, can be a great deal of work. When it comes to raising little pups in your home, you should keep in mind that it is a lot of work. To get you going, though, here area few tips on how to raise a good puppy. Keep these in mind through the housebreaking and training and you should have a happy and healthy dog at the end of the road.

However, do not let the puppy out because it is whining. You must allow at least 5 minutes of silence before letting the puppy out. Your pet must never associate whining with being let out of the crate.

There are several things that can be done to make your puppy’s first few hours in its new home pleasant and enjoyable. Most of the activities are very simple and will just require a few minutes of time and attention to complete.

The inmates, along with a professional dog trainer, put the dogs through a rigorous program that prepares them for advanced training at the National Education for Assistance Dog Service (NEADS) in central Massachusetts. NEADS is a non-profit organization that provides assistance dogs for the deaf and disabled. They have more than 80 puppies in eight correctional facilities around New England.

In addition, depending on your house or puppy room area, you may also need to get some baby gates to contain the puppy in a specific room or to prevent them from going up or down stairs.

Having these dogs in a prison setting has provided benefits for the prison atmosphere, too. They seem to bring out the best in the inmates and their very presence diffuses tension.

The inmates selected to raise the puppies are distracted from missing the “outside” and get unconditional love… not what you’d typically find in a correctional facility. The puppies also benefit as they truly get undivided attention and affection. A real win-win situation.

Now that the puppy has assumed ownership, it won’t use it as a toilet. Provided you are not gone for more than 2 hours (if your puppy is approximately 8 weeks), you should be safe.

Pictures also need to be well kept after they have been printed. Since most pictures would stick with each other, you have to keep a thin piece of paper between them to avoid ruining your cute puppy photos.

The last good old trick is to wear a pair of gloves, then apply something that your puppies doesn’t like on them, such as hot chili sauce, and pepper. This trick will help creating negative memory to puppies for not biting you.

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